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​Film Maker and Editor


Hi Guys!

Thanks for dropping by. 

"Let me look after you on your special day!"


I have over 10 years experience in the film industry working on movies like The Great Gatsby, The Knowing, Australia and Sucker Punch to name just a few. 

My imdb profile is here:


My background was in computer graphics for film and television but my passion has always been in story telling and film making as a whole,  which includes script writing and directing. 
Now I lead a passionate team that turns wedding days in to movies!


Congrats on finding this page too btw! I'm excited for you to see just how great a wedding video can actually be! 


Click on the gallery to see a collection of my work - I think it speaks for itself.

Thanks for visiting!

If you would like to know more please fill out the contact information or give me a buzz. 

I can travel just about anywhere! I can also organise a photographer for you.

Remember though, places do fill up quickly!



Phil Wittmer
Phil Wittmer Cinematography

Sydney Wedding Videos

0414 794 564


Sydney - Canberra - Melbourne - Newcastle 

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